Wednesday, July 13, 2011


“They say a woman's wealth, her true identity, rests in the richness of relationships, but "they" have it all wrong. What a woman really needs, what truly defines her, is four solid walls. A house with good bones, a yard sprinkled in the summertime, a creaking porch swing, overflowing window boxes. Castled there, she safeguards her secrets, particularly if those mysteries lie concealed in cardboard boxes in the attic."  I just love this!
Mary DeMuth's book, The Muir House, is a story of a young lady, Willa Muir, who is haunted by her dreams and longing to know about the year in her childhood  which she can not recall.
Willa grew up believing that her father loved her more than anything and her mother could not stand the sight of her.  She left Texas to begin a new life in Seattle, but after tragedy struck her home and a wedding proposal by her boyfriend Hale, she realizes the only way she can move forward with her life is to figure out the secrets that have been haunting her for years. Willa  gets a request from the caretaker of her former home, The Muir House, to come and help with redecorating as they transform the house from a  former funeral home into a Bed &Breakfast, Willa makes the decision to go home,  make peace with her dying mother, and also to solve some of the mysteries that haunt her.
Willa has a deep sense of wanting to be loved and finding where she belongs, as her life seems like such a mystery and so scattered. She's determined to find that missing piece to this puzzle, even if her friends are no help.
I love to read books where I get a visual and Mary DeMuth allows that through her expertise in writing throughout the entire book. I also like the real down to earth character of Willa who is not perfect, makes mistakes, has difficulty with relationships, just as we all do.
I learned from the book that no matter what your past is, it is just that, the past. It is the future we have to hold on to and look forward to.
If you love books about family, relationships, choices, suspense, decorating, sweet tea, and many more adjectives that could describe this book, then this is the book for you!
Thank you Mary DeMuth, the author, who provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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  1. Thanks so much for reading the book and offering such a kind endorsement/review. I so appreciate it.





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